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OM.2023.044 - Willie Marlowe - USA

OM.2023.044 - collage on panel - 8 x 8 inches - Willie Marlowe - USA BIO Willie Marlowe has shown paintings in invitational and solo shows in the USA and abroad. She was a guest artist in Barbados, Russia, Ireland, Italy and had artist residencies in the USA, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands. A North Carolina native, she received a B.S. degree from East Carolina University, M.F.A, the University of Idaho, summer study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and at Peace University in the Yucatan. Now a Professor Emerita, she taught painting at Russell Sage College, and in the college’s international programs in England, Scotland and Ireland. Statement My work in Visual and Concrete Poetry includes painted poems, found poems, asemic writing and poems in ziggurat matrix formations. I am drawn to Persian and Indian miniature paintings for their combination of image and text and the illusion of space created in a small format. My work is often intimate

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